Saturday, June 14, 2014

musical connotations

body on sprung wooden floor, breath

1st movement:: signal
de-accelerating heartbeat; sensor

2nd movement:: body
bowing of electric guitar
English choral polyphony
Choir without words

electronic sample
chant from Salisbury antiphonal (14th c.)
4th melodic piece of the set
reimagining of the piece through Brian Ferneyhough

3rd movement:: connection
modern cello in a Baroque style

French Baroque style-
inégal= unequalness mirrors heartbeat
stately, courtly
more about sex and syncopation

4th movement:: resonance
viola da gamba and electric guitar

lament baseline
from Purcell; Dido and Aeneas
contrapuntal idea
1600-1750 Baroque in music
grotesque period in Montiverdi's composition after madrigal
Baroque=disfigured pearl
excess; grotesque; metal; saturation; distortion
building intensity through timbral complexity
dissonance by proxy

5th movement:: interface
Solo viola da gamba

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