Tuesday, June 10, 2014

initial reflections

[Signal. Body. Connection. Resonance. Interface]


What are the connections?
What are the tethers?-- that facilitate both control and constraint
Does interface require a signal if it does not require a body?
Does "universal" connection and resonance exist?
Does it always exist despite our bodies? Does it extend beyond us?
Did it exist before?
Does interface still exist once the connection and the communication are severed?
Can resonance hold?

What is feminism without gender?

Types of relation:
support. inspiration. inquisition. curiosity. stability. commitment. understanding. physiological. physical. haptic. affective.

--(learned from Jon)-- what is a circular motion negotiated by the ideal of a linear movement (in playing cello, but also as applied to choreography?
--(learned from Ken)-- compound variation as a compositional structure, accumulation
--interrupted communication
--interface as separate:: on another plane? as encore? as displaced? as other?

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